More Than 70 New Emojis To Be Added To The iPhone With New iOS 12.1 Update

With the new iOS 12.1 update coming to Apple products within the next month, there are a lot of new things we can look forward to - most of those being new emojis! 

More than 70 new emojis will be available on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. The update will have all types of new emojis including things like characters with red, gray and curly hair. While new animals, sports and foods (bagels!!) will be joining the list too.

People are going crazy over the new emojis - some voicing their opinion on the inaccurate representation of the bagel - while others wonder about the newest wonky face and what it means. Check out some of the new ones below: 

The face described as "Face With Uneven Eyes and Wavy Mouth" has been a center of attention for many Apple users, wondering what it means. I guess it's up to our imagination to guess what we want to see it as! 

My only issue is how much more I'll have to scroll through these emojis to find the one I'm looking for! It already takes me forever!

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