Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner Flavors Are Back

Have you ever thought about having a Thanksgiving dinner in chip form? Up til last year, it was just a thought in our mind. Then Pringles decided to surprise us with the new flavor pack of Thanksgiving themed foods in chip form! 

Now, this year they're bringing the flavored Thanksgiving chips back! The festive flavored will be canned up and ready to be served on your Thanksgiving table - without having to worry about which family member overcooked what or got the wrong dessert.

Just kidding, I don't know if you'd want this as your actual dinner but it would be fun to play with your guests and start putting Pringles on the table as the dinner! The three flavors available will be turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie! (That one should be interesting!) 

You can't purchase these in stores though, instead they're available online and starting November 6th the 3-pack Thanksgiving Pringles will be available on the Kellogg's store website! 

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