Tiesto Day, Burning Shoes In A Bonfire - This DJ Legend Has Done It All

What a great time it was to have Tiesto come into the studio to hang with JoJo on the iHeartRadio Countdown recently! He is a legend in the DJ world and it's an honor to have him in the studio to talk about all the accomplishments he's done and the things he's experienced. 

Let's just say, this guy has some crazy stories! Everyday is a celebration for Tiesto so he celebrates with some Jagermeister before each show - wow! But the fun fact? He has a key to a special box with the crazy drinks he likes. He's walked into the wrong hotel room before and also used his shoes for kindling when a fire was getting low -  this guy is crazy! 

Check out the recap below, you're not going to regret it! 


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