This Week's Weird News

A security guard frightened by a ghost, some swimmers that may have spotted a Sasquatch, and raccoons behaving strangely were among the weird news items to cross our desk this week.

A trio of iconic cryptids made the news in some rather unique ways this   past week, starting with the legendary Loch Ness Monster, which may  have  been spotted by a woman in Ohio who was looking for the creature in  images found on Google Earth. Not  to be outdone, a puzzling piece of  footage from Russia may have shown Sasquatch spying on a group of  swimmers from the side of a cliff near a waterfall. Meanwhile, a farmer  in Argentina blamed the blood-thirsty chupacabra for the loss of 10  cattle, although the local police weren't so sure about that particular  suspect in the case.

This past week proved, once again, that Mother Nature can be the source of strange and unusual stories on par with weirdest of paranormal tales. This was perfectly conveyed via the jaw-dropping discovery of a rare two-headed copperhead snake that was discovered in Virginia. Beyond that, to the astonishment of wildlife experts, a beluga whale somehow wound up 1,000 miles from its normal habitat and swimming in England's famed River Thames.A particularly eerie piece of footage emerged this week featuring a worker at a nursing home in Chicago seemingly spotting a ghost while working on an overnight shift. The video no doubt served as some  sweet vindication for the security guard, who found that his friends and  family did not believe him when he claimed to have seen a spirit. And,  although the footage does not feature a full bodied apparition, it does  appear to show some kind of nebulous form which, as seen in the video,  left the security guard considerably shaken.

And finally, for some strange reason, raccoons popped up in the news twice this week by way of two drastically different but equally amazing videos. The first piece of footage, filmed in New Jersey, showed a raccoon scaling the side of an apartment building before plummeting nine stories down to the ground. Fortunately, some beach sand seemed to cushion its fall and the creature scampered off apparently unscathed. Later in the week, we featured a weird video in which a musician serenaded dozens of raccoons near a forest in upstate New York.

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