This Week's Weird News

An ancient stone circle that wasn't, an update to the ominous Doomsday Clock, and an intriguing Bigfoot video were among the strange and unusual stories to pop up on our radar this past week.

The annual assessment of the current state of affairs in the world known as the 'Doomsday Clock' was announced on Thursday and, despite what may seem like the crumbling of civilization, a team of experts determined that we're pretty much where we were last year and opted not to change the time on the barometer of peril. Before you start popping champagne bottles, however, the scientists behind the decades-long survey of global affairs described an untenable situation in which nuclear proliferation and climate change are being allowed to continue largely unabated and the debate over these issues has been undermined by information warfare.

The discovery of an ancient stone circle is often cause for celebration among archaeologists keen to examine these glimpses of the distant past. Unfortunately, this past week provided a disappointing instance where such a find went wildly awry when it was revealed that a newfound monument in Scotland that made headlines back in November turned out to be a stone circle replica created by a farmer in the 1990s. While the news left researchers crestfallen, since the site was considered unique due to its no-longer-mysterious state of near-pristine condition, thankfully the miscue was discovered before any serious work on the stone circle had been done.

This past week proved to be a big one for Bigfoot, beginning with an interesting new video from Utah which may have shown the legendary cryptid lurking on a  mountainside. Although the footage is admittedly difficult to discern,  the story stood out because the witnesses not only later ventured out to  the spot to see if they could find any evidence, but a Sasquatch  research group did as well and seemingly spotted some prints in the  snow. Later in the week, a story emerged from a truck driver in  Australia who claimed to have encountered that country's version of  Bigfoot, known as the Yowie, and that it slammed its fist on the hood of his vehicle when the two nearly ran into each other on a road.

You can find more strange and unusual stories at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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