Cardi B & 'L&HH' Star Rah Ali Get Into Heated Twitter Exchange

The drama continues.

On Wednesday (April 8), Cardi B and Rah Ali, who was at one point one of Nicki Minaj's close friends and was at the center of that infamous New York Fashion Week fight between the two, got into a heated Twitter exchange after Cardi shared a screenshot of an Instagram post a radio show hosted by Ali.

The post featured a tweet that was supposedly written by Cardi. However, she claimed it was a fake.

"How you posting fake tweets of me ? I been clarify this months ago ! When these weirdos make this fask sh*t up .I never wrote this on my twitter and I put that ON MY CHILD! I understand b*tches don't like me but to put a whole fake tweet about me trying to star Sh*t ...." Cardi captioned a screenshot of the allegedly fake tweet.

Seemingly triggered by Cardi's tweet, the Love & Hip Hop star responded, saying Cardi was "sneak dissing," before accusing the "Please Me" rapper's husband, Offset, of cheating. "Get off twitter sneak dissing, your husband in the other room on that video game, texting hoes again," she wrote.

"NOBODY IS SNEAK DISSING I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU," Cardi responded. "Let’s not talk about husbands because I will put your whole situation on blast. I dm you if you wanna deal sh*t like women! dc what you post about me. DON’T POST LIES. That’s not how you brand."

The back-and-forth continued with Rah taking shots at Cardi's bestie Star Brim, and Cardi continuing to threaten Rah by saying she would release some sort of "receipts." However, Cardi noted that she would prefer to "settle it like women," so she said she DMed Rah.

Rah though wasn't having it, and continued to poke at Cardi saying, “Yes I’m POSITIVE. I want to test it out. I’m from the show me state. Let’s go.”

Cardi, however, said she DMed Rah but never received a response, which allegedly made it clear that Rah was only looking to "start fake drama for promo."

While Rah didn't address Cardi's claims about the ignored DMs, she did respond, writing, "Girl shut up."

Cardi later deleted her tweets.

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