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West LA Opens A New Housing Development To Help Struggling Seniors

Homelessness in California has been on the rise and a lot of elderly are apart of that population. As rent in California rises, a lot of seniors are being kicked out of their homes since most of them live on a fixed income with limited savings.

"When you're on the streets, you don't have health care. It is cold right now," Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said. "And you could imagine that our seniors would be some of the most vulnerable to lose their lives in these tents on the streets."

This brings us to L.A. teaming up with the Weingart Center, to create a "new permanent supportive housing building" on Santa Monica Blvd. to help those seniors struggling with homelessness. There are 50 units in the building and half of those will actually be going to veterans who are also struggling with homelessness. This is such an incredible thing the city of L.A. is doing and Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said that, "they recognize that in order for us to deal with 40,000 people on the street, we all need to say we need you to come to our neighborhood and we'll make sure you get housed." For more information, click here.