Read JoJo's List Of New Year's Resolutions for 2019

This is a few years in and each new year, I'm making a new list of resolutions to hold myself accountable for! This is my long, thought out list for 2019. What's yours?

MY 2019 RESOLUTIONS! (Yes I’m doing ALL of these!) 

1: Be Happy 😃 

2: Drink more water 

3: Get Voiceover Agent (animation, video games) 

4: Ride my new exercise bike (a lot)! 🚲 

5: Be an awesome dad (Love you Sophie)! ❤️ 

6: Read Bible More 

7: Sleep in a haunted house! 👻 

8: Learn to cook something (other than eggs) 🍳 

9: Play more video games! 

10: Launch podcast “PARANORMALISH” 👽 

11: Form “PARANORMALISH” investigation team 

12: Make more $$$$ 

13: Spend less $ 

14: Pray more 🙏 


16: Get a vampire tattoo!!! 

17: Plan trip to Transylvania (Dracula's castle)! 

18: More hot tea ☕️ 

19: DAILY TV SHOW (in addition to radio)! 

20: Never Grow Up 

21: Inspire someone 

22: New merch in 2019!

23: More family adventures!!! 

24: Eat Healthy - ish 😂 

25: Prioritize mental & spiritual health 🙏 #BeWell 

26: Visit Area 51 👽!!! (seriously) 

27: Host a radio talk show (because why not?) 

28: Buy Dena & Sophie flowers more often! 🌹 

29: Wear something other than Black T’s 

30: Take a wine sommelier class #WineSnob 🍷

31: Spread Love ❤️ 

32: Buy more Black T’s 

33: Actually Do These Resolutions! 



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JoJo Wright

JoJo Wright

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