Girl Scouts Debut New Lemon Flavored Cookie

It's that time of year again... Girl Scout Cookie season and there's a new cookie in town!

For the 2020 cookie season, Girl Scouts is launching a new, lemon-flavored cookie called Lemon-Ups.

Lemon-Ups are crisp, lemon-flavored biscuits, with a layer of sweet glaze on one side to balance out the tartness. Each round cookie includes an encouraging message inspired by the mission of the Girl Scouts. Some phrases include: "I'm a leader," "I am an innovator," and "I am a risk-taker."

Unfortunately, Lemon-Ups cookies won't be available from every scout. Depending on where you live, however, you'll likely still be able to enjoy Lemonades (which are made by ABC Bakers), a thinner, sweet biscuit dipped in a "refreshingly tangy lemon-flavored icing." Instead of messages, each cookie is stamped to look like a slice of fresh lemon. Each local Girl Scout council chooses which baker to use, so that's why cookies have different names, and sometimes different offerings, in some parts of the country.

The Girl Scouts are also rolling out new packaging this season. The designs now showcase how cookie sales help fund support for troops nationwide, with photos of girls participating in a range of activities, like camping and canoeing, to participating in robotics and STEM classes.

Girl Scout cookie season officially starts this month and wraps in April.

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