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L.A. Controller Wants To Use Empty City-Owned Land To Help House Homeless

Los Angeles Controller, Ron Galperin, is urging officials to use the empty city-owned land to help house people who are experiencing homelessness.

"People across Los Angeles are suffering and dying because they lack shelter night after night, with people of color impacted disproportionately. We need more housing solutions now. Using vacant, publicly owned properties would bring thousands of people off the streets, and help them get access to health, mental health, and other critical services they so badly need," said Galperin.

Galperin has identified 26 city properties that could be used to help thousands of homeless people, which include the Green Meadows area of South L.A., Chesterfield Square area in South L.A. and land in Sylmar off of the San Fernando Road. Go to Fox 11 News for more.