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San Diego State University Is Going To Offer A Bad Bunny Course Next Year!

The time has come for me to go back to school and I am choosing San Diego State University. Why you may ask? Well according to, SDSU is going to be offering a course on Bad Bunny next year😅😂

The course will supposedly be focusing on Benito's impact on the Latin culture. Now This News also stated that the associate director of journalism and media studies at SDSU, Nathian Shae Rodriguez, will be teaching the course and believes that Bad Bunny changed the reggaetón music industry by pushing the traditional views of Latin masculinity.

“Bad Bunny has transformed reggaetón like no other artist has. When you think about reggaetón, it's hypermasculine, machista is embedded in its core. And Bad Bunny has come and flipped it upside down,” Dr. Nate Rodríguez told CBS News. “Bad Bunny gives us another side to masculinity, and how masculinity can be, how it should be. How it can be authentic, how it can be endearing, how it can be loving.”

This course on Bad Bunny is not the first to be offered at a college/university; Texas State University is going to offer a course focused on Harry Styles and then University of Texas at Austin will be offering a course based on Taylor Swift. Would you take a course based off a huge, global artist? Would you want to take a coursed based off of Bad Bunny?🐰🌞♥⛱