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This Company Will Pay You $10K To Give Up Your Phone For 1 Month!

Do you have what it takes to give up your smartphone for 1 month??🤔

Having a phone can be essential but it can consume so much time throughout your day with checking your apps like social media, texts and emails. New York-based company Siggi's Dairy is offering $10,000 to people who can stay off their smartphones for 1 whole month! Where can I sign up!?

“We believe in the power of living a simpler life with fewer distractions. One of the biggest distractions in our lives today is our phone,” the company said on its website. “That’s why we’re challenging you to give up your smartphone for a month as part of the Siggi’s digital detox program.” 

Those interested must be over 18yrs old and submit a 100-500 word essay “explaining why you need a digital detox in your life and how it will impact you in a positive way” by Wednesday, January 31st. Siggi will be choosing 10 winners and will notify them via email. The chosen winners will get: 

  • $10,000 
  • Lockbox for their smartphone 
  • Flip phone to still make calls 
  • Pre-paid SIM card for 1 month 
  • Siggi yogurt for 3 months

Would you be up for this challenge? For more information, click here.